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  • 06:04 New Popular Guided by the Holy Spirit?

    Guided by the Holy Spirit?

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    I examine the claim by Christians that they are controlled by God\'s will instead of their own desires.

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    I expose the terrible problem with human waste in India, and those who are forced to deal with it without benefit of protective gear or sanitation.

  • 04:26 New Popular Love Part 1

    Love Part 1

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    Most people don\'t fully understand what love is or is not, and when it is appropriate. So I go into great detail to clarify this topic.

  • 04:47 New Popular Love Part 2

    Love Part 2

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    A continuation of my video presentation on the details of love and what it is.

  • 06:38 New Popular Stupid Religious People?

    Stupid Religious People?

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    An agnostic fellow was ranting about how stupid religious people are, and that they have other bad qualities. I agreed with him on some points but strongly disagreed on others. I explain.

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    I expose the widespread persecution of certain people in society which you are probably unaware of.

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    I explain society\'s changing perception of beards, and the significance of beards.