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Rules and Recommendation

Welcome to Dark video hosting.Video! On this site, you can watch videos, help other people with any questions, and discuss various aspects of anything with other users. When communicating on the site, we ask you to behave in a civilized manner and be polite to each other. The site rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other users. Please note that these rules and restrictions are not exhaustive and do not cover all possible violations or misbehavior. In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that we restrict or block access to the site if you do not comply with these rules. The administration reserves the right to restrict access to video hosting at any time and to any user who has neglected these rules. Please read this list before publishing any information on this site. These rules are mandatory for all registered users of this project.

1.1 Account
You do not need to use a real name on the site (unless you are an idiot) or disclose any other information that may be easily linked to you. The user must be over 18 years of age. The website user has no right to transfer his / her login and password to third parties. The author of all videos and messages of the account is the user of this account. If you lose your account as a result of hacking, you will not be able to return it.

1.2 the theme of the video-hosting
This video hosting is a reflection of the reality of darknet, in connection with which the main themes of the video are all, mostly content banned on the regular Internet.

1.3 Responsibility for information about video hosting.
The site is post-moderated. Videos and messages posted on the video hosting are not viewed or edited, but can be deleted or edited later. The administration of video hosting is not responsible for the content of both videos and messages published by users. The author alone is responsible for the content of the communication. By registering on the site, you agree that you will not use this site to post obscene material, we strictly prohibit child pornography, terrorist propaganda videos or any other material that violates morality.

1.4 error Message
If you find any bugs in Dark.Video, especially those that are crucial and that can lead to partial or complete malfunction of the site, you need to notify the administration through the feedback form.

1.5 Communication on the website
We are forbidden: Mat, veiled Mat, insults, provocation and harassment of interlocutors, because we are adults, cultural people. It is also forbidden to distribute personal information about the User, except in exceptional cases. In addition, it is forbidden to slander the users of the site and the publication of false information. This prohibition applies to both public videos and messages posted in comments.

Users are not allowed to insult people on the basis of race, nationality, gender or religion, or use derogatory nicknames and nicknames in a conversation, remember that it is darkness, and here you need to watch the words carefully.

1.6 Advertising and promotional messages
. The site prohibits propaganda videos, comments, statements, expressions, discussions, messages that do not reflect a complete, objective and reliable assessment of the situation, but are solely aimed at influencing the beliefs of other users in order to cause certain mass behavior on their participation in the management.

1.7 Contemporary politics
On video hosting it is forbidden to discuss issues of modern politics, which, as you know, provoke conflicts. We are apolitical, the video related to the policy uploaded to the hosting will be deleted.

1.8 Dissemination of information about real life and / or threats in real life, provocation to commit a crime
It is forbidden to create videos that promote violence or incite the Commission of crimes. It is forbidden to place direct or indirect (through links) threats to life and health of Users.

1.9 discussion of the Administration's actions
It is strictly forbidden to create videos and comments to discuss the actions of the Administration and / or restrictions imposed on the user on the site.

2.0 video hosting does not allow you to post any type of information designed to gain access to the accounts and personal data of users of the Project.

This information includes the following:

links to external resources disguised as official resources of the Project;
distribution of personal messages to Users on behalf of the Administration with a request to send their login and / or password;
sending messages to users of the Project on behalf of the Administration with a request to create any software;
dissemination of any information that may cause damage To the users or Administration of the Project.

It is forbidden to impersonate representatives of the project Administration. In case of detection of such actions, the project Administration has the right to apply restrictions for The user convicted in the above actions.

2.1 Penalties for violation of the rules

Types of restrictions:

Enabling "read - only" on the site-inability to comment and publish videos.
Blocking access to the site-restricting access using the user account.

The following actions are prohibited on the site, and if they are committed, the following restrictions apply:

Unprintable language
Insulting or harassing users, trolling (posting provocative information on the website in order to cause anger, resentment, irritation and / or disagreement between users and / or conflicts between them)
Spam, flooding, add, necroposting and offtopic
The discussion of Moderators, the creation of the discussion of Moderators, etc.
Discussion of actions of Administration, Developers, support Center employees in explicit or implicit form
The insult of the project, administration, developers, moderators, explicitly or implicitly
Incitement to hatred on racial, national, sexual or religious grounds
The threat to life and / or health of users of the Forum
Discussion on current policy issues
Distribution of any information classified by the project Administration as closed. Classified information refers to information that is not published as official news or press releases from official resources, and is contrary to the rules.
Distribution of Trojans, malware and fraud
Publish videos that already exist on the site
Publish videos that contain child pornography
Publication of video with scenes of violence against people or animals
Publication of videos containing alcohol propaganda, terrorism
Please in any form
Placement of false information
Posting any personal information without the User's permission.
(personal information includes contacts, means of communication, personal correspondence published without the permission of both parties)


If you haven't read the rules of the project, it doesn't mean you don't have to follow them.

There is postmoderation on video hosting, so the moderator is not obliged to warn the User if the latter violates the rules, but he can do it on his own.
The administration reserves the right to edit and delete any publications that, in the opinion of the Administration, are inappropriate on this video hosting.

2.2 site Language
The official languages of the site are Russian and English. The use of other languages, transliteration, and deliberate misrepresentation of Russian and English are not welcome.

2.3 video Processing
Proper punctuation is welcome.

Preview of text must be readable, therefore you should avoid the use of graphics, multi-colored text markup abuse capital letters, bold or change the font size.
The title of the video should be informative and briefly reflect the content.

2.4 References
The site is allowed to place links to external resources; when placing links to external resources, the User assumes full responsibility if the information posted on these resources violates the rules of the site. It is forbidden to post links to child pornography, description of scenes of violence, etc.

2.5 Nicknames and avatars
The following variants of nicknames and avatars are prohibited:

Directly or indirectly related to organizations, as well as to historical or political figures, especially those convicted by the international Tribunal for crimes against humanity, and, accordingly, causes a negative reaction among a large number of people, as well as with the numbers and names of terrorist organizations, including the number of active at the moment;
Differences based on race, nationality, religion or sex;
Contains obscene, vulgar, offensive, or offensive language or abbreviations;
Directly or indirectly related to sexual intercourse or violence;
It is associated with the description of the body, its biological functions or features of development;
Containing information that may lead to the erroneous perception of this User as a representative of the Administration or Moderators;

If account nicknames violate these rules, they must be changed. In this case, the account will be locked out for the period required to perform the rename operation.

2.6 Administrators
Administrators-dark project Manager.Video

2.7 Moderators
Moderators are voluntary helpers of the Administration from among the Users who participate in maintaining order on the site.

2.8 moderator Rights

Site administrators and Moderators have the right to issue warnings to the User and apply penalties if the User violates the Rules. The actions of Moderators and Administrators can be appealed in the manner appropriate with the rules. In some cases, beyond the scope of these Rules, administrators and moderators may decide to impose restrictions on the User, even if his actions are not officially subject to an effective ban.

2.9 Appeals against decisions
In case of disagreement with the decision of the Moderator and Administrator, it is necessary to accept the fact that the decision is final and can not be appealed.

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