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Synthesis of KYA1797K via Knoevenagel condensation (novel anti-cancer drug)

<p>KYA1797K is synthesized via Knoevenagel reaction, followed by potassium salt formation. I did not film everything, in particular the formation of the potassium salt but it is not too exciting. The fun part is the sudden colour change in the Knoevenagel which happened within 5 minutes after adding piperidine. Also, I hope this video gives a nice insight into the daily job of a medicinal chemist working in the industry, however, each day is different with different reactions, and this one is particularly easy to carry out. We often deal with either boring white powders or brown/black tarry crap, so these nice colours are not daily business. Note: the mechanism is not correct, the proton is abstracted from the acidic oxothiazolidinone. The one shown makes no sense.</p>